David Ohyama

Born in Seoul, Korea in 1973, Ohyama moved to Japan after living in New York through the age of three. He attended elementary and high school in Japan, but middle school and university in the United States (transferring from Andrews University to graduate from what is now Golf Academy of America). After returning to Japan, he graduated from the Tokyo College of Photography and then the college’s graduate program. He began managing the AG+ Gallery as a student and after graduation opened the Hiyoshi no Oka Photo Studio. Currently his activities are centered on Japan, the United States, and Korea and teaching at the Tokyo College of Photography as a lecturer.

Photography Exhibitions
May 2013 David Ohyama and Makiko Ito Joint Exhibition (AG+ Gallery, Yokohama)
Dec. 2013 Kashō no kagayaki [The Glistening of the Riverbed], Akihide Tamura SeminarExhibition (Instance Yodobashi Camera Gallery, Tokyo)
Mar. 2014 A Shrine in Tokyo (Meguro Museum of Art Kumin Gallery, Tokyo)
Feb. 2015 East to the West, West to the East (Yokohama Civic Art Gallery, Yokohama)
Feb. 2016 The Alleys of Daegu (Meguro Museum of Art Kumin Gallery, Tokyo)

Photography Collections
Apr. 2016 Pearl Sinter (AG+ Gallery)
May 2016 Les Ruelles de Daegu (Tokyo College of Photography Press/AG+ Gallery)


デビッド・オオヤマDavid Ohyama

(Andrews Universityから現Golf Academy of Americaへ編入、卒業)
学生の頃から「AG+ Gallery」を運営し、卒業後、「日吉の丘フォトスタジオ」を開業。

2013.5 「デビッド・大山/伊藤蒔子 二人展」(AG+ Gallery、横浜)
2013.12 「河床の輝き」田村彰英ゼミ展(「INSTANCE」ヨドバシフォトギャラリー、東京)
2014.3 「A Shrine in Tokyo」(目黒区美術館区民ギャラリー、東京)
2015.2 「East to the West, West to the East」(横浜市民ギャラリー、横浜)
2016.2 「The Alleys of Daegu」(目黒区美術館区民ギャラリー、東京)

2016.4 『Pearl Sinter』(AG+ Gallery)
2016.5 『Les Ruelles de Daegu』(東京総合写真専門学校出版局・AG+ Gallery)